Bitcoin — the Whatsapp of Money !

The future of Money

Some 20 years back we would go to the Post Office to book a telegram. After standing in a long queue, we would somehow manage to book an urgent message to be sent. Then we would go to the Post Office again to actually make the telegram. The kind of time, not to mention money, wasted in doing so ! And if this was to be an international telegram, all the more complications !

What do we do today ? We drop a message on Whatsapp and instantly without any cost, it reaches the recipient, be it a next doors neighbor or to an igloo in Antarctica !

Now when it comes to money, we are still using the telegram. Sending money to another country involves a trip to the bank, host of paper forms, governmental restrictions, several days, and a hefty fee plus exchange rate loss !

Enter Bitcoin — with one click, just like a whatsapp message, money travels anywhere in the world instantly at practically no cost. What you send is what is received. Simply put, Bitcoin is the Whatsapp of Money. Its an idea whose time has come — and no matter how many Banks try to subvert it or Governments crack down on it, this is the future of the most essential tool of the modern economy — Money !

And the future is here.

People who constantly feel that they are born ahead of time are the ones who most often change the world.